"Our imagination flies, we're like its shadow on the earth."

... not myself, but a shadow's been invented a character for by yourself.

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According to this website, Lily in general means, "Keeps unwanted visitors away"

My Livejournal is FRIEND-LOCKED !

I don't quite catch why there're people keep friending me without telling me who they are, and why do they want to be friend with me.

My LJ is rarely updated, and there are some personal posts that i just want to share with the ones i know only.

Most of the entries are about Yunjae, it means Homosexual, BoyxBoy, Shounen-ai, etc...

There's nothing to be curious to or any extraordinary secrets that i want to hide from this world, or any dubious missions here, so please DONOT friending me just because of your curiousness, or because you just like that.

Mostly, it's me to going around and ask people to be friend with me, but if you are interested in me and my life by any chance, please leave a message in here, and I'd love to add you back.

Thank you so much for reading this!

NOTE: All the comments will be screened from now on!

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Ruby ah, I'm Vietnamese ^^

I have read a lot of your translated fic in DBSGLove, haha, I like them very much.

When I read your topics and comments about YunJae, I just thought : "Oh, her thought is totally like me." And now I am even more surprised after finding out we have many common interests : Harry Potter, Kaze Hikaru and Hajime, Hikaru No Go, Prince of Tennis.

Are you going to translate fic to celebrate Yunho's coming birthday, Ruby ah?

Oh, of coz i will add u right back...XD

But may i ask, what's ur nick in DBSGLove??? Juz out of my curious, coz i did actually check ur LJ's pro5, but found nothing abt u *sad face*

And btw, u was born in 90, rite????

Thank to be my friend....

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