"Our imagination flies, we're like its shadow on the earth."

... not myself, but a shadow's been invented a character for by yourself.

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According to this website, Lily in general means, "Keeps unwanted visitors away"

My Livejournal is FRIEND-LOCKED !

I don't quite catch why there're people keep friending me without telling me who they are, and why do they want to be friend with me.

My LJ is rarely updated, and there are some personal posts that i just want to share with the ones i know only.

Most of the entries are about Yunjae, it means Homosexual, BoyxBoy, Shounen-ai, etc...

There's nothing to be curious to or any extraordinary secrets that i want to hide from this world, or any dubious missions here, so please DONOT friending me just because of your curiousness, or because you just like that.

Mostly, it's me to going around and ask people to be friend with me, but if you are interested in me and my life by any chance, please leave a message in here, and I'd love to add you back.

Thank you so much for reading this!

NOTE: All the comments will be screened from now on!

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OH... sooooo surprised XDXD i have to make sure to thank to Reece-unnie...

Of course i'd love to be your friend... in fact, i juz stopped by ur LJ and read something about you ^____^

Oh, i also like DBSK so much... since i did fall in love with Yunjae... hope that you don't mind...

Hm... i'm 1 year younger than Changmin... so i'm sure that i'm older than Taemin...*OMG, i'm old*sighing*

Glad to meet u...*hug*
Oh, btw... can i ask, what did Reece-unnie tell about me??? *blink blink*

I'm not in Yunjae fandom...I got out a while ago because there was a lot of drama and things. Heh. But I don't mind if you are! I'm not really serious about pairings to begin with...

Ah, you're not old~
:D You're older than me. So I can call you Unnie...?

She didn't say anything other than, "I think you'd like her"

Ah~ AH~... so i'm really older than you...awww, *broken heart* so i'm really really OLDer then you...*old old*

Oh, i have to say i don't like to be called as "Ruby-unnie", doesn't it sound odd??? But it's ok, u can call me unnie...

Hm... then i'd call you as "Apple-chan", ok?? Coz that name does sound more delicious than Rosie-chan *which does smell nicer, instead*

Nice day, Apple-chan<3

Hm...I'm 17, so if you're 19 (a year younger than Changmin) then it's only two years of separation...

Heh, I'll just call you Ruby. Makes things easier huh? And Apple chan is cute. :)))))

You have a good day too, Ruby~ :)

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